Breakfast: 9 am

Education: 9:30-10:15

Godly Play for small children;

Sunday School for elementary and middle school;

Gabbin’ ‘Bout God for the adults

Worship Service: 10:30 am

Sunday morning breakfast is served at 9 all who come. During the school year, Sunday School is held at 9:30. Younger children engage in Godly Play, an interactive, gentle approach that helps kids think of themselves as spiritual beings. Older children learn about the Bible, understood in expansive and inclusive ways. We also have an active youth group that meets outside of worship times


At WUCC, we stand ready to receive the people God sends just as they are, to listen and to affirm, honoring their gifts. Whether WUCC is to be a spiritual way station or a permanent church home is up to each individual and God; we seek to love and serve all who may feel they have no other place.

Our witness is our work and there is abundant work to be done. We are always in need of volunteers, so if you are seeking a place to live your faith in meaningful ways but aren’t necessarily interested in worship, you are welcome here. If you seek a place where you can ask questions safely, nurture and explore your beliefs, or simply a place to come with the whole family for a meal to meet people, you are welcome here.

Sunday mornings at WUCC


There are reasons why pews are empty. But for many who have left the Church, the pain remains. As does the desire to process a relationship with God outside of a proselytizing atmosphere. At WUCC, we believe there are infinite ways to God. Each of us follow Jesus, but in our own ways. We respect one another and our spiritual truths. We’d like to help others on their path, even if we are only a way station on the journey to peace.